Streator Downtown Redevelopment & Comprehensive Plan Update

In 2013 the City of Streator launched a planning process to create a long-term vision for the future of the downtown.downtown streator  This initiative was funded through a partnership between the City of Streator and the Illinois Community Development Block Grant Program.  The effort culminated in two products: (1) an updated Comprehensive Plan that addresses a range of community issues including land use, transportation, and parks; and (2) a bold yet practical strategic plan for the physical and economic future of the downtown.

How to Get Involved

Site Visit #2. The Vandewalle & Associates team will be in Streator on August 13th for Site Visit #2. This visit will include input sessions with downtown business owners and community leaders, the Plan Commission, and the general public. The focus of the visit will be to gather input on the following documents that are part of the Opportunity Analysis component of the project.

–          Key Regional Opportunities (Produced for another project for a 50 county area that includes Streator)

–          La Salle County Regional Assets and Issues Map

–          Streator Assets and Influences Map

–          Comprehensive Plan Opportunity Analysis  and Vision Chart

–          Downtown Existing Land Use Pattern Map

–          Downtown Inventory & Analysis Map

–          Downtown Plan Opportunity Analysis and Vision Chart

These documents were based on the input we received during our initial visit in May, extensive research, and our understanding of the central Illinois region. In addition to providing vision statements for the Downtown Plan and Comprehensive Plan, the opportunity analysis graphics layout the key issues and strategic initiatives that will be used to drive the text and development of the respective plans.  In the case of the Downtown Plan in particular, the graphic should be viewed as an annotated outline of what the Plan will cover and how it will be put together.

The City would like your help prioritizing initiatives. Please use the following forms to provide feedback or just send an email to Ashley Robertson at Vandewalle & Associates.

–          Downtown Plan Initiatives Comment Form

–          Comprehensive Plan Initiatives Comment Form

Site Visit #1. On May 14, 2013, the Vandewalle & Associates project team visited Streator for a full day of meetings and input sessions. The purpose of these meetings was to gather information on key issues and opportunities facing the City. The input collected will be combined with background data (as presented in the Key Issues Presentation below) and professional insights to inform the Opportunity Analysis stage of the process.

–        Key Issues Presentation

To provide input on this stage of the process, print and complete the “Issues and Opportunities Worksheet” and/or the “Mapping Worksheet” from the Visioning Workshop. Return completed worksheets to:

 Ashley Robertson
120 East Lakeside Street
PO Box 259036
Madison, WI 53725-9036

 These materials are also available at the Library.

–        Agenda

–        Key Values and Opportunities Worksheet

–        Mapping Worksheet

Project Products

Below are initial drafts of the comprehensive and downtown plan. They will be revised based on comments from the planning commission and city council meeting in February and March. We invite the public to submit comments to Jeremy Palm at Any comments received by January 15th will be considered for the public plan, the third draft of which will be prepared in late January/early February so stay tuned.