Public Sector Subdivision Planning / Affordable Housing

Be proactive about your community’s housing supply.  From small towns to major metropolitan cities, housing challenges consistently rank as one of the top concerns of Midwestern communities today. The housing crisis may not look quite the same everywhere, but the crunch poses very real challenges in varying proportion and order of urgency:
  • Shortage of attainable housing for workforce attraction
  • Lack of affordable single-family homes for first-time buyers
  • Racial inequity in housing
  • Gentrification and displacement of low-income residents
  • Lack of housing options from rental to single family to senior housing
  • Zoning code restrictions 
V&A offers the most comprehensive package of subdivision planning tools and services available to help address the housing crisis. V&A’s successful approach comprehensive neighborhood and subdivision planning can help assess and address these issues to create a strategic housing plan that answers your community’s needs and minimize risk now and into the future. We offer:
  • New neighborhood site selection and acquisition
  • Site reuse strategies
  • Market assessment
  • School enrollment projections, site selection and other considerations
  • Mixed-use components
  • Housing mix strategies 
  • Tax credit housing
  • Sustainable infrastructure planning for solar energy, energy micro grids, electric charging stations, stormwater management
  • Phased infrastructure plans
  • Design guidelines
  • TIF management
  • Recruiting developers and builders
  • Zoning code analysis and rewrites
Our expertise has been hard at work shaping a new wave of welcome neighborhood development in communities such as Eau Claire, Waupaca, and Altoona. We are also hard at work throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest on comprehensive zoning rewrites that helps add needed flexibility and address housing challenges in places like Middleton.
Take a look at our video on housing and start to Tap into Experience. Then contact us to learn more.