Our services are organized around the needs that bring you to us in the first place. Using all the latest tools in our kit, we’ve crafted an approach to problem-solving that’s inherently innovative.

Building Regional Economies & Positioning Places to Succeed

Communities and regions across the Midwest are struggling to find their role in the global economy. As creative economic strategists, we look at things differently. We examine emerging economic opportunities, leverage place-based assets, align around a compelling economic vision, set a clear course of action, and define catalytic projects for change.

Specific Services

Embracing Regional Resources

Regional resources not only sustain a place, they are the foundations of its economy. To build a sustainable economy for tomorrow, we help places discover forward-thinking opportunities that capture and integrate renewable resources, harness place-based assets, and develop innovative plans and partnerships to set them in motion.

Specific Services

Shaping Communities

We’re helping build the next generation of large urban centers and small communities; bringing together the insight, management, public involvement, and public-private or multi-jurisdictional activities needed at every stage. We help put the elements in place to set a clear and sustainable course for your community’s future.

Specific Services

  • Bike & Pedestrian Planning
  • Community Branding
  • Comprehensive & Sub-Area Plans
  • Development Agreements
  • Entitlement Facilitation
  • Impact Analysis
  • Infrastructure & Capital Improvements Planning
  • Intergovernmental Facilitation & Agreements
  • Landscape Architecture
  • New Neighborhoods
  • Park & Open Space Planning
  • Project Facilitation
  • Public Outreach & Participation
  • Regional Transportation Planning
  • School District Planning
  • Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

Revitalizing Urban Places

Even places that are underutilized or underperforming can be reinvigorated in exciting new ways. We discover and harness assets through judicious visioning, design, branding and implementation to raise each place to a uniquely prominent and competitive position.

Specific Services

Catalyzing & Implementing Projects

Not every project comes to us fully defined. We are highly creative and adept at helping our clients discover the partners, the project champions, and the funding to answer multi-faceted needs and make big ideas happen. We can coalesce, develop and manage the vision, and explain complex ideas along the way.

Specific Services