Monona Waterfront Redevelopment

Creating a new public riverfront for Monona

Monona’s leadership has taken a proactive approach to economic development and infill. The City of Monona is working with the Community Development Authority and Vandewalle & Associates to create a vibrant waterfront destination for Monona residents that people want to visit and gather. This will be a new landmark for Monona that will expand quality dining, shopping, and housing options in the community. Specific benefits of this project include:

  • Enhancing public accessibility to and use of the waterfront, with the Project Area - (4.9.14)waterfront accessibility opened to all Monona residents and visitors for recreation and gathering
  • Increasing property value, property tax income, and economic value
  • Potentially adding new jobs in service sector/management
  • Eliminating deteriorating buildings, blighting influences and environmental deficiencies that detract from the functional unity, aesthetic appearance and economic welfare of the neighborhood
  • Remediating the environment, including redevelopment and remediation of contaminated brownfield sites, and improving stormwater management, new green space and pervious surfaces
  • Assembling the land into functionally adaptable parcels for redevelopment in accordance with contemporary needs and standards
  • Removing impediments to redevelopment due to diversity of ownership

Vandewalle & Associates continues to work with Monona leadership to move the project ahead. Next steps including coordinating redevelopment of parcels to achieve efficient building design, maximum utilization of sites, unified off‐street parking and service facilities and internal pedestrian connections, and additional community open spaces. The team is using a process that maximizes public input and private sector creativity while ensuring development meets identified project goals.