Nolen Centennial Project Master Plan and Implementation Plan

Client/Project Partners: 

Tim and Kevin Metcalfe, working with a Project Task Force including Vandewalle and Associates, the City of Madison Parks Department, and City of Madison Planning Department


2009 – Present


The John Nolen Drive corridor, long a central feature in the City of Madison’s multi-lake landscape, is primed for transformation into a world-class destination and economic catalyst. The Nolen Centennial Project, presented publicly in 2011 on the 100th anniversary of planner John Nolen’s visionary “Madison a Model City” plan, aims to protect and enhance what is unique about the area while preparing Madison and the region for the growing population of the future. It creates a world-class lakefront park and event destination, catalyzes other investment and economic activity, and reinvigorates a prime entry to the city. At the heart of the Project is a desire to maximize public access and use of the area’s beautiful, but underutilized assets.


  • Centennial East – including Reflection Point and signature public art; a park and pleasure way for improved public lake access; an outdoor lakeside amphitheater; and a lake education center and restaurant.
  • Centennial West – expanded to host new regional, national and international events, sports and community recreation at the Alliant Energy Center complex and recreational areas to the north.
  • John Nolen Parkway improvements – for safety, access and gateway creation.
  • The Centennial Land Bridge over John Nolen Parkway – connecting Centennial East and West and enabling large cultural and athletic events to flow seamlessly and safely into both sides of the parkway.