Monona Grove School District – Long Range Growth Study

Monona School Growth Study Cover
In 2014 Vandewalle & Associates conducted a long range growth study for the Monona Grove School District,
which is helping the District plan for future facilities to accommodate a rapidly growing population. The purpose of the study was to provide the Monona Grove School District with a framework from which to make informed decisions regarding the future of its educational facilities. The study included projections of student population growth within the District over a twenty year period through 2035 in five year increments, including the expected location of this growth.

The study showed the district could grow as much as 19 percent in the next five years.

Unique process. Using a comprehensive yet broadly applicable approach, information was synthesized from a vast range of sources, including Census data, housing permit records, adopted land use plans, and official population projections. Meetings were also held with staff from every municipality that might influence the District’s long-term growth to gain a more well-rounded understanding of current conditions, trends, and planned developments throughout the District.

From this, projections were made on a detailed neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis for every grade level through 2035. Best practices and suggested courses of action based on these findings were also included.

Detailed study maps:

High End Projected Growth Map (2035)

Future Land Use Map

Order of Development Map

Other services. Other school district services available from Vandewalle not conducted for this project include:

  • Delineating school attendance boundary scenarios
  • Bus routing alternatives
  • Facility location analysis
  • Grade configuration analysis