Selected Projects

Revitalizing Urban Places

Racine Rootworks: Revitalization on the River

The City of Racine and its partners are moving forward with RootWorks, a bold vision to redevelop, reposition, and re-energize the industrial core of the City. The plan brings new enterprise and activity back to the City’s roots and to the site of its original economic engine: its riverfront on the Root River. (more)

Shaping Communities

Muncie Central City Redevelopment and Revitalization

In 2018 a group of Muncie, In. public, private and philanthropic community leaders formed a Central City Leadership Team. The goal: To advance a long-term redevelopment and revitalization effort–“Next Muncie”–that would harness Muncie’s place-based assets.. (more)

Building Regional Economies & Positioning Places

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Waterloo Downtown Opportunity Analysis and Rebuilding 

Waterloo was built by manufacturers like John Deere, but found itself looking at an uncertain economic future–like many manufacturing grown cities. V&A helped find catalytic opportunities and ways to make them happen—bringing more than $200 million in private investment and value-added impact for the region. (more)


Embracing Regional Resources


East Central Indiana Manufacturing Strategic Plan

These manufacturing-built cities in East Central Indiana are working together to rebuild their economies. Anderson, Muncie, and New Castle Indiana together lost more than 40,000 jobs in the last 20 years due largely to manufacturing plant closings. Now they are joining forces to turn their struggling economies around. (more)

Other Projects


Catalyzing & Implementing Projects

Capitol East District

Capitol East Repositioning and Redevelopment

Vandewalle & Associates has been working with the City of Madison and the private Sector to uncover opportunities, reposition, and redevelop this district for nearly two decades. The Capitol East District is a former manufacturing district just east of Madison’s Capitol Square that is transitioning to an eclectic live-work hub. (more)


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