Comprehensive Plans and Open Space (Park) Plans

Seeking new uses for vacant retail space?

Aiming to improve bike and pedestrian paths?

Readjusting spaces for a post-pandemic world?

Repurposing vacant commercial corridors?

Reevaluating your TIF?


Comprehensive and Park Plans from Vandewalle & Associates can help your community answer these questions. Our plans are visionary, innovative, and actionable. We use community engagement tools (appropriate for COVID-19 concerns), ensuring equitable opportunities to engage and meet the growing needs of low income and historically underserved communities. We realistically address the changing world as communities adapt to modern requirements of connectivity and sustainability. Our extensive team of Certified Planners are thought leaders in the best practices of municipal growth and economic revitalization.

TIF Check – Free!

With every Comprehensive Plan, V&A now includes a TIF Check at no cost. Our TIF Team provides a complimentary review and recommendations for TIF man­agement and optimization including: a review of district finances, identifying pri­ority development sites, public improve­ment needs, and strategies for leverag­ing your TIDs for maximum impact.

Have your Comprehensive Plan or your Park Plan do more to identify opportunities for economic vibrancy and community engagement. Our firm has completed over 100 Comprehensive Plans and Park and Open Space Plans in Wisconsin that have all satisfied the state’s requirements – and we’d like to help with yours.

Download our materials to learn more.