Elona Bartnick

Elona Bartnick,
Associate Designer

Elona Bartnick is an Associate Designer involved in a broad range of projects at Vandewalle & Associates. She is skilled in the areas of site analysis, site planning and design, neighborhood design, landscape architecture, and graphic communication. These skills are utilized and communicated though computer graphics, GIS analysis, CAD design, SketchUp modeling and hand illustration.

In her time at Vandewalle & Associates, Elona has contributed to a diverse range of projects, including assisting in land and development plans for mixed use and traditional neighborhood projects. She has worked on a number of redevelopment and downtown master plans identifying areas that would benefit from reinvestment and revitalization and developing guidelines and site design for future redevelopment. Her involvement in comprehensive plan development includes creating regional and local asset and opportunity analysis, future growth or redevelopment scenarios and site designs, and additional graphics specific to each plan. Elona’s landscape architecture experience focuses on design and construction documents for hardscape and planting plans for parks, streetscapes, naturalized areas, roadway planting schemes, riverfronts, and urban design elements.

Projects that Elona has been and continues to be involved in include: Grandview Commons Neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin; Fitchburg Technology Campus in Fitchburg, Wisconsin; Brookfield, Wisconsin and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Comprehensive Plans; Harwood Heights, Illinois Streetscape; Ripon, Wisconsin Downtown Master Plan; Thrive-Madison Region and Quad Cities Region Assets and Opportunities Analysis; and Middleton, Wisconsin; Waterloo, Iowa and Moline, Illinois Redevelopment and Implementation. You can email Elona here.


B.S. Landscape Architecture
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Professional Licenses, Registration, and Memberships

Associate, American Society of Landscape Architects
National and State Chapters