About Us

We are driven to find new and better ways to make more of each place’s assets

Vandewalle & Associates is a guild-like collection of highly talented masters with diverse expertise in economic strategy, planning, design, energy systems, food and water systems, redevelopment, architecture, marketing, and real estate. We assemble heavy-hitting teams from these experts to add value at just the right time and deliver on each project precisely as needed.

Partnering with our clients in the roles of ideator, facilitator, or communicator, we make things happen. Our inventive way of thinking, partnering, and team-building quickly turns challenges into viable economic opportunities, catalytic projects, and far-reaching solutions.

Four decades of leadership creating added impact for Midwest communities, companies, clients

We shape places of all sizes for the future. Staying attuned to global economic trends, we know how to reposition declining industries and facilities to embrace emerging industries and opportunities. We know every corner of the region, every important industry, hundreds of regional leaders, and most of the major employers. We have worked for the Midwest’s largest metropolitan regions and global corporations, as well as its smallest towns and villages.

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It takes a different kind of team to tackle unprecedented change. See individual resumes and learn about projects in which each of us has played a key role.  

Madison office: at the Midwest’s tech transfer hub

From our location in Madison, Wisconsin, we work alongside a world-class research university and interface daily with business and government leaders and stakeholders.

We’re at the heart of what shapes the Midwest’s future. (find out more)

  • Bioag and biotechnology
  • Knowledge workers
  • Intellectual property development
  • Technology transfer 

Regional Influence

Milwaukee office: a coastal communities focus

When we opened our Third Ward office between Milwaukee’s river and Great Lake, we did so with great purpose.

This lively gem of urban revival is a laboratory for issues facing many urban and coastal centers. (find out more)

  • Redevelopment
  • Shifting industrial economies
  • Rebuilding “fresh coast” communities