Play to win – set up needed projects for stimulus funding

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Play to win – set up needed projects for stimulus funding

You’ve heard that new stimulus dollars on the way; but are you ready to submit quickly when they arrive? Now is the time to prepare projects that drive permanent jobs and increased business growth, setting them up for funding success. Let V&A help you determine and shape the projects you want to submit – cost estimating, public outreach, funding identification, and more.

Ask about our Grants Quick Reference Roadmap. Not every federal agency has the same requirements for grants; so you need a partner like us who understands each unique set of requirements and can help you get positioned to win. Call us or email us today and ask about our proprietary Grants Quick Reference Roadmap that can help you determine the best Grants strategy for the projects that will drive the economy in your city or village.

Get started with our 6 Steps to Success. Our “6 Steps to Stimulus Funding Success” outlines the steps to having the project outlined BEFORE the dollars are released. That allows for a quick application and a chance to secure the first of the dollars and importantly, getting considered ahead of larger cities.

We want to get you prepared to get federal funding for your key projects. From National Endowment of the Arts for public art projects to EPA grants for brownfield remediation, we are standing by to help with positioning for success. Give us a call to get started or email us.

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