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About Us

We are driven to find new and better ways to make more of each place’s assets

Vandewalle & Associates is a guild-like collection of highly talented masters with diverse expertise in economic strategy, planning, design, energy systems, food and water systems, redevelopment, architecture, marketing, and real estate.

Midwest Focus

Rebuilding and Retooling for a New Economy

Our nationally recognized team is based out of Madison, and focused on helping Midwest communities and businesses reposition economically to build place-based, sustainable pathways to a vibrant future. Applying a range of visionary economic repositioning strategies, our work is making a world of difference to clients across the heartland.

Resilient Communities

Getting Communities Ready for What’s Next

Midwestern communities large and small are seeing unprecedented change in how they grow, move people around, create jobs, and define what makes their community unique. From our Milwaukee office, we are working on the ground–particularly in Southeastern Wisconsin communities, and with their institutions and corporations–to identify and advance transformational projects that are resilient and future-ready.